KNUK is open for 2020! And now global!!!

(I think that deserved a few “!!”)

I’ve been running some learning, knowledge sharing and networking groups for KMers in UK now for about 5 years. It was important to me to offer these as in-person experiences, with quality training and plenty of opportunities for sharing experiences and getting personalised advice, as anyone who follows my work knows I believe “in-person” is the gold standard for sharing the complex stuff and building relationships where people trust and rely on each other.

This year, however, in response to demand, I’ll also be offering the KNUK group online. This means that if any of my in-person group can’t attend a meeting, they can “catch-up” online, and those who can’t get to a group (because they aren’t UK or can’t travel, perhaps) can also join in.

There will continue to be 5x 2-hour events per annum, with plenty of quality learning and plenty of opportunities for sharing experiences and learning from each other.

There is a subscription fee of £265pa for individuals and £475pa for a joint membership, but this is great value for 10 hours of quality learning and a supportive, friendly group (especially when you think what a one-day conference costs).

Meetings will generally be at 1pm GMT, but if we get a number of new members from USA/Canada or Australia/NZ, I’m happy to arrange another discussion at a time that suits them.

So, if you want to know more, comment below or message me directly

About knowledge4lawyers

I am a lawyer and a Knowledge Management expert. Through The Knowledge Business I help law firms improve their efficiency and profitability through knowledge services - consultancy, training and implementation help.
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  1. The details…

    – You can either join for a year or just one event, but joining for the year is far more cost effective. Each online event will be £75.
    – There’ll be 5 online events over the year.
    – They will be run at 1pm GMT for about an hour (plus additional discussion time if people want to stay and chat). They might also run at different times *in addition* if there are a number of people from outside Europe joining.
    – The topics will be the same as the in-person events, so anyone who misses an in-person event can join the online one. This means I can also add to the webinar/online event, the comments/ thoughts of those who attended the in-person event (subject to confidentiality of course)
    – I’ll be running them myself using Zoom.
    – The standard price is £265 for one person or £475 for two, but there is an early bird discount (£251.75 & £451.25) for those who get their invoices requested by the end of 2019.
    – If you want more than 2 people to come along, let me know and I’ll work out a price for you.
    – Bookclub people are my favourite, so there is a particularly good bookclub + online group bundle discount for those who want to join both next year of £430.50 (a 30% discount).
    – The topics are: (1) culture and persuasion, from an NHS KM perspective (2) process management workshop (3) bring a problem workshop. And also two will be from the following, depending on speaker availability: “where does KM fit – roles, teams and careers”, “Legal Project Management”, or “learning before during and after”.
    – It’s flexible, so although I need one person to be point of contact, you are welcome to give your space to someone else in your organisation if the topic doesn’t suit you or if you are on hols/busy.
    – First event is in March 2020. Events will be primarily outside UK state school holidays and usually Tues/Wed/Thurs, to catch as many part timers as possible.
    – In addition to the online events, subscribers also get a 20% discount on all my training events, both in-person workshops in London and other online events I’ll be running.

    If you’ve any more questions, let me know on

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