I offer training in knowledge, learning and innovation, which includes:

  • knowledge management
  • learning and development
  • efficiency and effectiveness tools and techniques for knowledge intensive businesses (such as law firms)
  • knowledge sharing
  • networking
  • process and quality management
  • creativity, innovation and design thinking

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What sort of training are you interested in?

*Covid-19 update*

For the time being, all in-person open training events are postponed and have moved online.

Knowledge Network has expanded and is virtual for the time being.

Online training and coaching is continuing as normal and I’m making more courses available.

Bespoke training and away-days are available as virtual training or, where the rules permit and a single covid-safe firm is involved, I may undertake in-person bespoke training.

You can keep an eye on event details, dates and tickets etc via Eventbrite.