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A bit too Britney Spears and Brit Pop?

A post about my 90s flashback to when warehouse databases were *the answer* to everyone’s knowledge challenges. Continue reading

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Knowledge and information

Snippet tip Information = blah blah Knowledge = bleh bleh Why bother? Because the *effective* tools and techniques for the creation, storage, access and sharing of information and knowledge are different. Don’t waste your money trying to manage knowledge in the … Continue reading

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Help! I’ve been put in charge of “Knowledge”!

If you’ve just been put in charge of Knowledge at your law firm and you are wondering where on earth to begin, take a deep breath and start here…     What is “Knowledge” and “Knowledge Management”? Before you understand how … Continue reading

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Mentoring for knowledge retention and transfer

You want to improve knowledge retention and transfer within your law firm. You may have a strong supervision programme for junior members of staff, but do you need to do more? Would a mentoring programme help? Firstly, do you really … Continue reading

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