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3 common mistakes that waste your time

Most PSLs and KMers that I meet struggle with the demands of their teams and their role. This made me wonder – what are the 3 most common time-wasting mistakes that I made when a PSL?   Failing to be … Continue reading

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Even my 7 year old knows how to “game” the system

My daughter, who is 7, is encouraged by her school to read *a lot*. She has a yellow reading record book where she records all the occasions that she reads, at school and at home, and each Friday her teacher … Continue reading

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Thoughts on influencing

I’ve just read this interesting post from the research whisperer. Although the focus is on influencing policy makers through academic research, I think it has a lot to say to us KMers trying to influence at different levels within our … Continue reading

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Another reason why your KM database may not be working…

I read an interesting article in the Guardian at the weekend, in which Oliver Burkeman considered psychologist Steven Pinker’s book “The sense of style”. Athough this mightn’t seem relevant initially (it is a book about writing styles rather than KM) … Continue reading

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Avoiding bad decisions – strategic red flags

Good leaders make bad decisions.  Good firms make wrong turns.  When things change, it often seems to be the most successful businesses which are the slowest to adapt.  I’ve just finished the Strategy module on my MBA and this is … Continue reading

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