Book club

*At present, given the additional burdens and costs created by Brexit, I have “paused” the book club indefinitely. If it becomes viable at a later date, I would love to re-start it. I will keep the options under review and keep you updated.*


For global learning and sharing on knowledge matters that’s also fun, join the book club!

If you’d like to join, it’s simple, just email me for an invoice.

Membership includes:

  • 4 book crates over approx. year, each of which includes the following:
    1. a book relating to knowledge and learning
    2. some tea or coffee (you decide)
    3. some sweet treats, stationary and offers
  • 4 webinars a year at which you will be able to
    • discuss the book in small-group online “breakout rooms”
    • meet other people who work in knowledge and learning in a variety of sectors (not just the legal sector), and learn from their experiences and the diversity of opinions
  • membership to an exclusive online group for discussions in between webinars, to share ideas and best practice
  • the opportunity to meet people working in learning and knowledge sharing throughout the world in many different sectors
  • Value of the total package is estimated at £570.

What does it cost? How do I pay?

A single person/four crate membership is £350.

A corporate membership (which includes 2 book crates a quarter and 2 extra spaces (4 in total) in the online group and at the webinars) costs £720.

A student/unemployed/low income version is available. Please email me for details.

Postage and packing is free for the UK and is a flat rate of £5 per crate (£20 per year) for anywhere else in the world.

Email me at and I’ll send you an invoice. Once that is paid I’ll add your name to the book club list and send you a crate when I’m next sending out mailings (see approximate mailing calendar below).

These figures do not include any VAT or customs duty/taxes (for those outside UK). Any country-specific taxes will be payable in addition.


How is the club affected by Covid-19?

The bookclub is unaffected by Covid-19.

I am continuing to send out book crates. I understand that the risk of contracting the virus from post is low, but if you are concerned or you are in a high risk category and want to pause your membership for a while, just let me know.

How much does a classic 4-crate membership of the Knowledge and Learning book club cost?

For 2019/2020 crates, the standard membership costs £350. This is suitable for one person.

What is included in the cost of the 4-pack membership?

  1. 4 crates (each crate contains one book, some tea or coffee and 4+ extras)
  2. 4 online discussions/webinars of approximately 1 hour each (1 space at each)
  3. access for 1 person to the exclusive online book club group for discussions and networking between events.
  4. Value approximately £570

How much does a corporate membership of the Knowledge and Learning book club cost?

In 2019 the price is £720.

What is included in the corporate membership?

  1. 2 sets of book-crates (i.e. 8 crates each year)
  2. 4 spaces on each of the 4 discussion groups/webinars
  3. access for 4 people in the online discussion group

If you need more books and more spaces at the discussion groups, contact me for a bespoke price.

What about shipping and postage?

Postage and packing within the UK is free. For everywhere else it is a flat rate of £5 per crate (£20 for the annual package).

I send the crates using UK Royal Mail. If you want yours couriered or tracked or anything else special, contact me for a special price.

I understand that sometimes there may be a customs charge or customs delay for overseas customers. This is your responsibility.

What’s the schedule for crates and webinars?

This schedule is approximate. The schedule is driven by members.

Crates are sent in January, April, July and October of each year and discussions/webinars are held in March, June, September and December.

Do I have to buy in December/before January each year?

You can join the club at any time, but you always join for 4 crates and their subsequent discussions.

You will receive the 4 crates and attend the 4 webinars/discussions that follow your purchase.

For example, if you decide to join in February of 2021, you will receive your first crate in April 2021 and join the first discussion/webinar in June 2021. Your last crate will be in January of 2022 and your last webinar/discussion will be in the March of that year. Your membership of the online group will last from the date I send your first crate out to the date you attend your last webinar/discussion.

How do I change my address, email or other details?

Simply email me at with all the details and I’ll sort it out.

If you can, please try not to do it very near to one of the crate mailing dates, but I’ll do what I can to make sure it gets changed asap.

Can I buy one package/crate?

No. The minimum purchase is 4 crates.

Is this a recurring subscription?

No. You buy a 4-crate package each year.

I will remind you when your 4-crate package has expired and give you the opportunity to sign up again.

Is there a special deal for students or the unemployed?

Yes. There is a “no book” version of the club purely for students and the unemployed. I assume they will have access to a library and prefer to borrow the books. This package only includes access to the online group and the 4 annual webinars/online discussions. To buy this package you must provide proof of status, so contact me for more details.

I’m not in UK, will membership work for me?

This is a global online book club, so hopefully it will work for you.

Some things to remember, though:

  • all books will be in English;
  • the discussions/webinars and online group will be in English;
  • the discussions/webinars are likely to take place at around lunchtime GMT in order to include as many people as possible;
  • packages sent outside UK will have an additional postage cost added to the invoice (a flat rate of £5 per pack);
  • you may have to pay additional taxes/VAT/duty etc on your package.

What if I’m unhappy with the package once I’ve bought it?

I don’t want an unhappy customer and I’ve tried to design this book club to be fun as well as useful, but if you are unhappy I’ll do what I can to fix it.

Firstly, let me know what’s wrong as soon as possible. Perhaps a mistake has been made. We all make them and I’ll do what I can to sort things out.

Then, if I can’t sort things out I will refund your money provided:

  • you let me know about the problem within 2 weeks of receiving the crate
  • you return everything within the crate unopened and in as-new condition – obviously you can’t read the book, drink the tea, eat the chocolate, write in the notebook and then expect a refund 🙂 but no doubt you realised that

When you sign up for this service, you accept that the books are a surprise and you may already have read some of them. It would simply not be possible to arrange a global book club like this which took into account all the books everyone had already read! The value of the club is in the discussion with your peers about the books rather than the physical book itself. In the light of this, you cannot return a book crate because you have already read the book or you don’t like the book. You will still learn a lot from discussing with your peers what you learned from your second reading.

Can I review a free crate for my blog?

I do not generally send out free crates to anyone, as that isn’t fair on those who pay for them who would subsidise it, but if you would like to talk to me about reviewing a crate or being involved in some way, email me at

What is your privacy policy?

I really hate messing about with your personal data, but I do need to collect, store and use some of it in order to run the book club.

I collect the following relevant information: Name, Postal and Email Address, Phone Number (Optional) and Purchase Information. I also collect your hot beverage preferences, but I don’t think that is covered by GDPR.

I use this information to run the book club efficiently: to supply the crates, organise the online discussions/webinars and organise the online group.

I do not sell or pass on your personal data to anyone else.

I may provide you with information via email which is relevant to your purchase, but you can opt out of this too if you prefer. I won’t send you marketing texts or harass you by telephone 🙂

If you are unhappy with any of this, or want to know what I hold on you, or want me to delete your data, just let me know via email and I’ll do my best to help you out. I’m Helene Russell of TheKnowledgeBusiness.

If your question isn’t covered here, drop me a line –