The eye of the beholder

Rachael Wheatley explaining what "value" is, in marketing terms.
Rachael explaining “value”

Last week Bristol’s Knowledge Network group had a fascinating and challenging (in a good way) hands-on workshop all about “value” in Information, Knowledge and Learning in law firms.

We met Rachael Wheatley, specialist in professional services marketing from Bluegreen Learning, who talked about “value” from a marketing perspective and how Knowledge Lawyers, PSLs and KMers can analyse the value that they bring to their organisation in order to improve the service that they deliver and help others to understand that value to the business.

There was too much good stuff for me to repeat it all here, but if I had to pick one practical task to pass on to everyone, it’s this one.

“Value is in the eye of the beholder”, as Rachael says, and we must avoid making wrong assumptions about what aspects of our service our users/clients really value. If we fail to research *their* definition of value, this could lead us to prioritise the wrong aspects of our service.

But how can we start the process of researching “value”?

In order to understand what aspects of your service your internal clients really appreciate, you need to talk to them (obviously) but, if you can’t do that yet or you need to find a starting point for your conversation, a great first step is to consider the last piece of great feedback you received and analyse why that piece of work stood out for that client. What was different about it to all the other work that you do? Why did they love it? What clues are there in their feedback?

Why don’t you do this task right now?

Think back to the last piece of positive feedback you got and ask yourself :

  • “What was different about this piece of work?”
  • “What did they really value about what I did?” and
  • “How can I adapt my work to deliver results which are better aligned to what they value?”

And then go and talk more to your internal clients and see what they think about your suggestions for improvements.

Let me know in the comments section what you think and how you got on.

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3 Responses to The eye of the beholder

  1. We didn’t really talk in our session about segmenting your internal market when considering value, but I thought you might be interested anyway.

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