A blue ocean shift in a law firm

I’ve written before about Blue Ocean strategies.

This morning I read this very interesting post about a law firm in Central Asia who decided to make a blue ocean shift and refocused their business.

It must have been a daunting prospect to change, but they appear to have created a special niche for themselves and created a business which is different to most corporate law firms, ultimately winning a prestigious international award recognising their innovative approach.


As they said themselves, they needed to accept a shift rather than a gradual change.


A butterfly is not merely a more sophisticated version of a caterpillar, but rather a completely new organism with its own unique qualities.”



Let me know what you think about their “shift” in the comments below.

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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  1. And an interesting article about applying the blue ocean principles to a stalled career.

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