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We had our media-savvy training yesterday at KN-UK Bristol – a very interesting 2 hours with Tony Coll, former BBC journalist and presenter.

Tony pic at Georgia PR school

Although I personally may not need to get my kind of business on the front page of the Daily Mail (or even The Guardian), I still learned a great deal about what makes a good story, what publishing groups and journalists are looking for, how to pre-empt the competition to get my quote used on a news story, and lots more.

I think Tony’s acronym “Chortle” will work well for me as a reminder of what makes an engaging read, which will be remembered later on, which is useful for all kinds of writing – blog posts, articles, even email subject lines.

(Don’t forget if you are looking to improve the clarity and readability of your writing as well as its engagement, you can look back at my series of articles from Sarah Fox, 500 Word Lawyer.)

I was also interested to learn some of Tony’s top tricks and phrases to make sure that, once I’m in touch with the journalist/media I’ve been stalking, I don’t then get backed into making quotes I didn’t want to make or saying more than I intended.

If you missed our session or you are looking for in-house training in this or other aspects of communication (presentations, pitches, crisis communications etc) you can reach Tony on 07813 480986 or via Tony Coll Media Training.



Our next KN-UK Bristol session is on Leadership and Influencing. You can book via Eventbrite or by emailing me for an invoice.

Our next KN-UK Birmingham session is on KM technology trends. Again, you can book via Eventbrite or by emailing me. If you have a Bristol KN-UK membership you can buy additional tickets to the Birmingham event at a 20% deduction, or swap for one of your Bristol events.


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