KM Legal – a few thoughts on day 2.

I missed day 1 of KM Legal because of other commitments, and with a late afternoon slot for my talk, which was on an unusual topic (a report on my academic research into knowledge-sharing antecedents), I probably didn’t concentrate as closely as usual, but I thought I’d share a couple of my personal highlights.

It was nice to catch up with those I only ever see at conferences, to meet some new people, and to see so many Bristol people (how come Bristol was so over-represented?), and I enjoyed in particular hearing so many people talking about learning and culture, especially given Mark Gould’s comments about day 1, which had worried me slightly.

Jessica Magnusson’s talk (session 7) about OC’s Q3D training scheme for lawyers was really interesting, as was Carol Aldridge’s talk (session 4) about Burges Salmon’s latest strategic emphasis on culture. The discussion on my table (session 3) on “ROI of KM and how to get a seat at the top table” was also wide-ranging and useful and we all referred back to Mark’s talk about quality, risk and KM.

And I thought Simone was an excellent Chair, invisibly keeping everyone to time.

As always, I enjoyed the discussions in groups and over coffee/lunch most and asked Nick from Ark whether more of those could be factored in next time. In fact, sometimes I wonder if the panel discussions could be conducted as roving semi-formal discussions over coffee instead of the more formal panel format?

My only regrets were that I couldn’t do the storytelling discussion with David Gurteen as well as the ROI one, and not finding/making time to have a proper chat with him, as I’m a fan.

What did you enjoy about KM Legal 2014 (apart from my talk obvs!) and how would you change the content and format of KM Legal 2015 to make it suit your needs better? Add your thoughts below.

(If you are interested in my talk on how to encourage lawyers share knowledge, the slides from my talk are on Slideshare)

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I am a lawyer and a Knowledge Management expert. Through The Knowledge Business I help law firms improve their efficiency and profitability through knowledge services - consultancy, training and implementation help.
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