Monday round-up – What I’ve been reading.

I follow a writing group’s blog which draws together a weekly list of what people are reading.  I always find it interesting, so I thought I’d steal honour their idea by replicating it. I’m not sure if there’ll always be enough for a weekly post, but I’ll give it a try.

And it’d be great if you could add in your thoughts (on what I’m reading, what you’ve read this week etc) in the comments section.

This will be the more technical stuff.  For day-to-day blog posts & newspaper articles, follow me on twitter @heleneadby.

Research/academic papers

“Does knowledge management really matter? Linking knowledge management practices, competitiveness and economic performance” by Tatiana Adnreeva and Aino Kianto

2012, Journal of Knowledge Management, Vol 16, No 4, p617 (research paper)

Blog posts

Storytelling in Legal KM – Guest blog on ILTA KM blog

I’ve always thought lawyers were natural storytellers – perhaps it’s the way we learn about the common law? We seem to learn so much more if lawyers to share their knowledge through “stories from the frontline” rather than documents.

Keys to building KM communities – APQC blog

Knowledge-sharing incentives and building a sharing community is a topic I’m really interested in, having spent last year researching it for my MBA dissertation.  This is an interesting interview with Dr Grant, who’s recently written “Give and Take” on the topic.

The positive effect of creative hobbies on performance at work

I love the idea that creative hobbies improve work performance. I’ve often thought that creativity is a little like a muscle and one’s ability to innovate improves with practice.

Hopefully you’ll find some of these interesting and worth a read.

Have a good week.


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