How to be human … a guide for lawyers

I run a knowledge-sharing and networking group called Knowledge Network West (tweet with us on #KNWest) and yesterday was a session discussing how knowledge teams and lawyers can use twitter for learning, knowledge-sharing, and personal and law firm marketing.

One of the issues that everyone seemed to grapple with, was how to balance coming across as professional and aligned to their law firm’s brand, with the conversational, human, networking aspect of twitter.

Law firms have “got” how twitter can be used as an additional broadcast channel, but they still struggle with its potential to draw their clients, potential clients, thought leaders and suppliers closer to their brand and create closer relationships.

I understand, in the light of recent high-profile cases, that people worry about the damage that an ill-thought out tweet or retweet can do, but I am sure that it is possible to achieve this balance and come across as a human and a professional. Isn’t that what good lawyers do everyday in person?

I recommend (my slides are on slideshare if you are interested) that people keep to their real-world rules, and aim to be the person they’d want to be (perhaps more Atticus Finch than the Apprentice).

Also remember the difference between the facebook model (you approve friends and limit, through security settings, who sees your comments) and the twitter model (anyone can choose to follow you and retweet your comments to anyone who has chosen to follow them, who can retweet you etc).  Never get misled into thinking you are bantering with a small group of friends.

I’ve written on my other, bite-sized blog, “5 ideas to…” some ideas of easy ways to begin to be conversational without being controversial or unprofessional, but what are your ways?

Or do you think that this is simply too difficult for traditional law firms?

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2 Responses to How to be human … a guide for lawyers

  1. James Mullan says:

    Hi Helen – thanks for publishing these slides. I think the “Why” and the strategy for using Twitter is often the hardest thing for people who don’t use Twitter to understand. The how to do it is actually relatively simple, as long as you’re using a Twitter client rather then the Twitter website.

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