Measuring successfully – 5 ideas

Someone asked me recently how they could improve the ways that they proved the worth of their KM work to the rest of the law firm.  Money is tight in many firms and KM can appear to some people to be a luxury (rather than, as I see it, the heart of how law firms arrange themselves to do effective and efficient business).  Effective measurement systems can help KM-ers demonstrate the worth of their projects.

These are a few ideas to help you if you are grappling with the issue of measurement:

  1. Use a mix of measurements (quantitive and qualitative; leading and lagging)
  2. What is measured gets managed/you get what you measure (so watch out for people unconsciously gaming results)
  3. Be clear about the business goal for measuring results and know what you will do differently depending upon the results (and what you can afford to do)
  4. Use measurements that are already in use in the business (these presumably are measured because they are useful for the organisation and the means for collecting these will often already exist)
  5. Identify the audience for the results and use the measurement which will mean the most to them (i.e. if the measurements are for a monthly report to the Exec Board, try to use the same metrics that they use in relation to other aspects of the firm; speak the right “language” for the audience)

How do you measure your firm’s KM activity and assess what is working and what isn’t?  What are your top 5 tips?

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