My 5 favourite (and least favourite) tweeters

I love a list. Following on from yesterday’s top 3 blogs, I thought I’d share my favourite and least favourite tweeters.  First, my favourites (in no particular order):-

  1. @gebhardtr – Rebecca Gebhardt, Director at Linex & KM solutions developer.  Posts about IT & KM in the legal sector and offers a good mix of real life and useful information.
  2. @lawyerist – tweets from, the blog about surviving in legal practise.
  3. @JaneCWoods – a woman who knows a lot about women – how they work and how they succeed.  Always genuine and an excellent speaker.
  4. @knowledgetank – a really useful aggregator of KM blogs/tweets.
  5. @22twts – real-time Twitter interviews with practising lawyers who tweet.


Those were my favourites, who are my least favourites?

I’m not going to name my 5 least favourite twits, but I will list the three things that I particularly dislike/make me unfollow:-

  1. Insufficient conversation/promoting others & too much self-publicising & broadcasting.
  2. Too little personality – too many repeated posts, automated posts and stock replies.
  3. No or little information in the “about” section.  I am interested in whether you like the violin or are a hard working mum, but I really need to know what you actually do/what you tweet about.

Who are your top 5 favourites and top 3 bugbears?

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