My 3 favourite blogs

There are so many good sources of information out there and so little time to read them all, that I thought I’d share with you my current 3 favourite blogs, where the content consistently interests or challenges me.

In no particular order:-

Above and beyond KM

V Mary Abraham’s blog about how we work and how knowledge management can help. Her observations are based on her experience practising law and then practising knowledge management in New York City.  I’ve particularly enjoyed her post likening KM to an immigration experience and her ideas for a better search function for LexisNexis et al.

Knoco Stories

Nick Milton describes himself as a Knowledge Management guide and coach, trainer and service provider.  Although not specific to the legal sector, I always find interesting and relevant learning points from his posts about his work as founder of Knoco Ltd.  Recently I’ve particularly enjoyed “KM – realising the need” and “KM leads to a boring life”.


Patrick DiDomenico’s blog about knowledge management, technology & social media as they pertain to lawyers, law firms, and the legal profession.  Patrick is a lawyer and a KM professional from New York City.  I’ve particularly enjoyed his recent post on leveraging legal work for blogposts.

Those are my current favourites – what are yours?

For personal advice and help, visit TheKnowledgeBusiness, or if you prefer to DIY, get your own copy of “Knowledge Management Handbook” from Law Society Publishing here.

About knowledge4lawyers

I am a lawyer and a Knowledge Management expert. Through The Knowledge Business I help law firms improve their efficiency and profitability through knowledge services - consultancy, training and implementation help.
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