June’s First Friday News

I’ve just sent this month’s newsletter out and it’s all about love, engagement, interesting Japanese concepts and big sticks! And knowledge and learning of course.

If you think that sounds interesting, click here to have a look.

If you think you might want this sort of thing once a month (and a shorter round-up in between) you can join either the general newsletter or the one for textbook owners by following the links. I promise I won’t inundate your inbox. If anything it’s a bit hit n miss for once a fortnight!

Boy sitting on bench laughing at a book
What? What did I say that was funny? This is a serious newsletter about Knowledge and Learning!

About knowledge4lawyers

I am a lawyer and a Knowledge Management expert. Through The Knowledge Business I help law firms improve their efficiency and profitability through knowledge services - consultancy, training and implementation help.
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2 Responses to June’s First Friday News

  1. Summerell, Tracey says:

    Thanks for this, Helene. Just had a long overdue look at your website. Some interesting stuff there – thanks for sharing.
    Tracey Summerell

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