GDPR for KMers

We had an excellent session a while ago from Claire Perry of Emplaw Online and Rachel Mulligan from The Compliance School on GDPR for beginners and KMers and I’m slightly embarrassed that I’ve only just got around to pressing publish on this short summary which I wrote at the time. Perhaps I should blame GDPR pressures 🙂

I don’t know about you, but having previously made it half way through a very poor law firm webinar and been terrified by various comments by experts on LinkedIn, I felt a bit like this.

screaming person

Photo by Gabriel Matula on Unsplash

After an outline of the different legislation from Claire so that we had a picture in our heads of where everything fits together, Rachel took us through a quiz to highlight common issues and questions. Although I didn’t get many questions right, I was pleased to find out that the answer was usually less negative than I assumed it was.

Rachel took us through:

  • Where the legislation applies
  • Who it applies to
  • What personal data is (the slightly unexpected inclusion being people’s work email addresses where they include their name – one for subscriptions/database people to take into account)
  • Likely penalties and the ICO’s professed attitude to penalties
  • How privacy policies will have to change

She also pointed us to a few useful resources on GDPR:


If you were at the event you should already have received copies of the slides. If you haven’t got them yet, email me or comment below. If you weren’t at the event and would like the slides, perhaps get in touch with Claire or Rachel and ask them direct (although slides never make as much sense if you weren’t there to hear the speaker too).

If you need any more info about GDPR, Claire Perry and Rachel Mulligan are the right people.

Click the links for more information about Emplaw and Knowledge Network UK.



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