It’s Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Night here in UK on Sunday 5th November.

If you are non-UK and wondering what it is all about, this summary is a good place to start, but be warned, like most things from 1600s, it is a bit gory.

These days it is a friendly bonfire festival where communities gather and enjoy parkin and sparklers, and watch massive firework displays – an autumnal celebration of life – fun at a time when Winter is coming and the days are getting short and cold, and a bit miserable.

Which got me wondering, how often do we arrange celebrations in our organisations? And how often do we arrange these to coincide with difficult times?

All KMers know the power of learning from experiences, both failures and successes, but in our enthusiasm to analyse and understand the lessons which are learned, there comes a risk that we don’t share and embed those lessons well enough (I’ve written about this previously here).

A celebration of some kind is a great way to spread the word about a new lesson. If you can arrange it for a time when people are feeling a bit tired or overwhelmed, it will work even better.

If you are stuck for ideas, I wrote “5 ways to thank your contributors” a while ago. Perhaps it will spark some ideas.

Have your own firework display of great lessons learned this November!


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  1. An interesting article from Stan Garfield via LinkedIn on the topic of thanking/praising people https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/praise-praising-your-colleagues-stan-garfield/

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