The 3 minute KM plan

I still follow The Thesis Whisperer blog from my days doing my MBA and recently they hosted a guest blog from Mary Woessner who described her involvement in the “three minute thesis” competition (3MT). In the 3MT competition, PhD candidates must give a presentation overview of their PhD thesis to external judges who score it on comprehension, content, engagement and communication. Perhaps sounds easy, but actually extremely difficult.

It sounded like Mary found the process of taking stopwatchpart in the competition extremely helpful in teaching her how to share her research with a general audience in a manner that was both factual and engaging.


This got me thinking.


How often do you need to share your KM plans with those who don’t yet “get KM”?

The theory behind successful KM can seem (is) quite complex, but we all need to describe workable solutions within our organisations to non-experts.

It isn’t the same thing as the 3MT, but we do need to distil complex theory into workable solutions and then persuade non-experts that they are the right solution based on the right theory and data.

Do you think you could present your KM plans or strategy in three minutes and be persuasive, engaging and comprehensive?

Even if you never actually make that presentation, I think the activity would be a fantastic learning opportunity.

If you give it a try, let me know in the comments how you get eye


If you are struggling, maybe this download on creating your Knowledge Vision may help.


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