Leadership and Influencing

We had a very interesting KN-UK session yesterday on leadership and influencing with Carol Skolimowski of CAPCC, which included a wide-ranging discussion touching on managing millenials, encouraging women into leadership and herding cats.


I imagine everyone’s takeaways were different, but these are my top ten:

  1. We are all on a journey learning our leadership capabilities, some people start with natural skills, but we can all learn/improve.
  2. We need to understand ourselves first – our values, un-crossable lines and emotional triggers.
  3. We need to spend time investigating and understanding those whom we are trying to influence – their needs, triggers and the language/goals/outcomes they find most useful and persuasive. Our organisation may have a mission statement but how do our individual roles fit with that statement? Our purpose must be aligned, but it will be different in each team. It needs to “ring true” with team members.
  4. The importance of honesty, communication and authenticity, and the value of building trust.
  5. Always have an objective, strategy and tactical plan for how you will undertake important influencing projects.
  6. Be brave – offer your expertise where you can help your organisation, don’t wait to be asked.
  7. Be tactical – ask for help in influencing, use the help of your allies and try to understand those who don’t yet “get it”, and consider the timing of your conversations.
  8. Be present – positive energy and conversation pay dividends, so don’t think there isn’t time for it.
  9. Be authentic – when necessary, express your frustration at not being able to help the business with your expertise.
  10. The impotance of reflective and continuous learning.

If you were there, what were your top 3 takeaways?

If you weren’t there, what would you add and what are your own top tips for influencing and leading? Or your top challenges?

Find out more about what Carol does and how she could help you and your organisation here.

And don’t forget that KN-UK annual members benefit from a discounted trial coaching session with Carol, if they want to give it a try.

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4 Responses to Leadership and Influencing

  1. I agree that leaders need the trust of staff and peers, and to know their strengths and weaknesses. Only then can they inspire others to action.

  2. My top 3 takeaways were: how much in common we can have in our leadership challenges; the challenge of different expectations and leadership in the next generation and how we need to adapt; and a reminder to plan when we influence, whether its a 5 min reflection or half a day.
    The day after an interesting article popped into my inbox and made me really think about what I actually mean when I say “just be yourself” http://nyti.ms/1XscxfA

  3. I saw this on my LinkedIn feed and thought you may all be interested – some thoughts on how to be authentic without being a pain.

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