It’s world book day!

It was World Book Day yesterday and book week at my kids’ school. Today is their dressing-up day so I’ve sent them to school, one dressed as Geraint Thomas (autobiographies count I’m sure) and the other in pyjamas as a Topsy Turvey (don’t know it? Great book!).

Book Week/World Book Day is a great reminder to reflect on all those books which have made a difference in our lives and be thankful that people make the effort to write and publish them for us.

I’ve written before about recommended reading for new PSLs/KMers in the legal sector, so I thought this time I’ll choose my favourite book.

Then I realised how impossible that was, so I chose a top three.

I’ve read a lot of great books, and I wish I could include them all, but these are the most dog-eared, well-thumbed ones, which I return to again and again.

  1. “Idiots Guide to KM” Rumizen – written a while ago now, so the tech opportunities in KM are different, but a great go-to book when you want to sort out the basics in your head before you delve deeper.
  2. “Working Knowledge” Davenport & Prusak – another older one, but standing the test of time well. Lots of great theory and practical examples,  and, like me, a great proponent of conversation in the workplace!
  3. “Critical Knowledge Transfer” Leonard, Swap and Barton – a much newer one (2015), but great for getting your head around learning and knowledge transfer.

So if you had to choose only three KM/learning books, which would they be and why? I’d love to know below in the comments.

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