Take social media away from marketing…

I’ve just read this interesting article about how social media is simply not giving a good enough return as a marketing tool. Brands are dull and social is the wrong place for advertising/push messages.

He’s right – social media is a place to be social with each other – have conversations, share ideas, point people towards useful information, learn new things, build relationships with experts in your field.

It’s not that you can’t market your firm through social, it is just that you need to do it in a new way – relationships first. The question is whether your marketing department has too much history/experience with broadcast messages to do both social and traditional marketing.

Also, perhaps they just aren’t the right individuals to be having the conversations? If you are thinking about instructing a lawyer, who do you want to have a conversation with? Not the marketing department, but the lawyer himself/herself.

The trouble with law firms, though, is individuals are often so risk averse they end up saying nothing. I think it is time for law firms to try harder. What do you think?

Anyone who has been on one of my social media courses knows you don’t have to let social take over your life and, with a judicial use of tools and scheduling, you can have a fair social presence in about 5-10 minutes a day and still not look like a robot.

Thoughts? Comments? Ideas for great tools to streamline the process without taking out the personal interaction?

If you want to use social media for your law firm in an effective way, take a look at “Practical Projects…” which contains loads of great ideas and plans.


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